07 October, 2010

Looking to Holiday in Rural Spain?

La Alpujarra is without doubt one of the most beautiful regions in Europe, let alone Spain.
With its Moorish architecture, and historical links back to the 1400s. There is something special about the mountains.

In winter you can ski in the high Sierra Nevada (November to April) and then drive down to the beaches of Salobrena and Almunecar and swim in the Mediterranean.

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11 October, 2007

New photo of the dam in La Alpujarra

This is a photo taken on 5th October of the dam at the entrance to Las Alpujarras just north of Salobrena on the coast. The water appears to have risen by at least 20 meters if you compare the photo to the one lower down taken in July 2006.

25 September, 2007

A Map of Southern Spain

This map shows the location of La Alpujarra and its proximity to the three nearest airports. One hour to Granada, 1 hour 45mins to Malaga and about the same to Almeria. Orgiva to the beaches of Salobrena and Almunecar is only about 45mins.

View of Sierra de Lujar

A view of the Sierra de Lujar from one of the properties in Orgiva advertised on www.rentinspain.co.uk What a great site to wake up to every morning of your holiday. Behind are views of the High Alpujarra.

And back to Orgiva

This track leads down out of Orgiva from the right hand side of the Rio Chico. It leads you on a wonderful walk down to the Rio Guadalfeo. Turn right at the bottom and you come to the 7 eye bridge, and a welcome cold drink in the bar.

Upper Slopes of the Sierra Nevada

Looking back down towards the ski village. This is only a third of the way up to the higher slopes.This was taken in April when the upper slopes are still in use. It not uncommon to have a fresh layer of snow fall in late April. Thus exptecnding the season. Even more reason to visit the slopes in the morning and hit the beaches in the afternoon. I have seen snow up here in July. Cannot ski though!

Into the Sierra Nevada Ski Resort

This is a ski village at the bottom of the ski runs. Taken in mid April they were still skiing and snowboarding.

Church in Orgiva

The fabulous church in Orgiva. Highly recognisible by its two towers.

The Capital of La Alpujarra - Orgiva

A view of Orgiva from the opposite side of Rio Guadalfeo. It nestles in the foot hills of La Alpujarra at about 1500ft. It has great access for the higher Alpujarra, Granada and the coast. Ideal location to stay for your holiday.

Back down the mountain towards Orgiva

Heat haze around the area of Orgiva looking back to the Poqueira Barranca.

Just a pretty photo

This is taken underneath a house. It is like culvert for people! But it aslo serves as drainage for heavy rain. Clever eh?

Time to have a coffee or beer

Looking down accross the tops of the white village houses in Capileira. The village is 4708ft above sea level.

One of the narrow streets in Capileira

Most of the rugs on view are made locally. Prices range from 6euros for a bathroom rug to 35euros for a large 2meter x 2.5meter rug.

Farmer working his terraced plot in Capileira

A farmer in Capileira working one of the terraces. At the base of the wall you can see one the acequias that feeds water to the terrace. Wtaer can only be taken from the acequia on a specific day and time of day each week or fortnight. It depends on what the water rights are for that plot of land.

View back down the Barranca from Capileira

A view back down the Barranca from Capileira. The second highest village in Spain. You can see some the old terracing that has been left to return to its natural state. There are also areas of terracing that are still in use. Much of the produce is for local use.

The white villages of the Poqueira Barranca

These are two of the white villages of the Poqueira Barranca in La Alpujarra. The third one can just be seen on the left of the image. The lower one is Pampaneira, middle is BubiĆ³n and the last is Capileira.

24 September, 2007

Large dam on the western edge of La Alpujarra

The huge dam that has been built to supply water to the coast towns of Salobrena and Motril.

Photos of La Alpujarra Spain

This first image is of the region looking west towards the motorway that leads from Salobrena on the coast to Granada. 10 minute drive from Orgiva. Click on any of the images to enlarge them.